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This Risk Management Organisational Structure template sets out 3 different organisational structures for risk management. The option that may be adopted for an organisation largely depends on the size of the organisation, the resources available and the industry within which the organisation is in.

Guidance is provided to enable you to select the best risk management organisational structure for your organisation. Each option sets out the risk management role and where it sits in relation to the overarching governance, risk management and compliance structure for the organisation.

This Risk Management Organisational Structure template may be used for organisations of all sizes.


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This Risk Management Organisational Structure template describes the structure for risk management of an organisation.

There are 3 alternative options. All three options provide for an integrated framework to governance, risk and compliance management with responsibilities and accountability of enterprise risks outlined accordingly. Guidance on selecting the correct option for your organisation is provided and templates for each of the 3 options contained in the Microsoft Power Point file.

The overarching corporate governance framework adopts a three lines of defence model for ensuring an efficient monitoring of all operational and management systems within the organisation, including the risk management system.

This template is applicable to organisations of all sizes and should be read in conjunction with the following documents:

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Integrated framework

This document forms part of the set of documents used for building an integrated governance, risk management and compliance framework for an organisation. We recommend that you read our Guide to Governance Risk Management and Compliance before using this document.

Complete kit

Get our Risk Management System Complete Kit for all your risk management system documentation.

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Risk Management Organisational Structure


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    • Risk management documentation. 6
  16. [Option 3 Risk management organisational structure: 8
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    • Risk management documentation. 9
  17. Collaborative approach. 10
  18. Three lines of defence. 10
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