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This Primary Risk Register sets out the categories of risks of an organisation on a high-level basis. The register can then be expanded to a register for each category of risks, such as, data security and privacy, product safety, work health and safety, compliance, corporate risks and more.

This Primary Risk Register is suitable for organisations of all sizes. It has been pre-filled with risk categories, risk ratings and monitoring or performance measures, which can be customised for a specific organisation.


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This Primary Risk Register sets out the details and results of risk assessments of category risk items or groups of items on a high level basis.  A risk register is shared between stakeholders and should have an owner who is responsible for managing the register. The register is used to track progress of responses to issues and each risk register should have its corresponding Risk Treatment Plan.

For category risk registers that have been completed (or pre-filled), see:

  1. WHS Risk Register
  2. Consumer Protection Risk Register
  3. Business Continuity Risk Register
  4. Financial Risk Register
  5. Data Security Risk Register
  6. Compliance Risk Register

These registers are used as part of an organisation’s risk management process for the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of risks and the application of resources to minimise, monitor and control such risks. The treatment of risks is contained in the following corresponding treatment plans:

  1. WHS Risk Treatment Plan
  2. Consumer Protection Risk Treatment Plan
  3. Business Continuity Risk Treatment Plan
  4. Financial Risk Treatment Plan
  5. Data Security Risk Treatment Plan
  6. Compliance Risk Register

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Integrated framework

This document forms part of the set of documents used for building an integrated governance, risk management and compliance framework for an organisation. We recommend that you read our Guide to Governance Risk Management and Compliance before using this document.

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  2. Risk Management Framework
  3. Risk Management Policy
  4. Risk Management Procedures
  5. Risk Assessment Instructions Manual
  6. Risk Treatment Plan

Primary Risk Register


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